Terms & conditions


At Clean Freaks, our staff comprises wonderful individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. We value and celebrate this diversity as it enriches our team and brings unique perspectives to our services. We kindly ask our customers to treat our staff with the same respect and courtesy that they expect to receive, fostering a positive and inclusive environment for everyone involved.

Our team members are highly valued, and we recognise their dedication and hard work in providing top-notch cleaning services. We strive to create a supportive and respectful workplace where every team member feels appreciated and valued for their contributions. Your cooperation in treating our staff with respect aligns with our commitment to promoting a positive and harmonious working environment for everyone at Clean Freaks.

Contact Information:

  • Business Hours Contact: Call us at 0461 408 960 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, for any inquiries or assistance.
  • After-Hours Contact: For contact outside business hours, please email or send an SMS to 0461 408 960.

Satisfaction Guarantee: General

Our team is committed to your satisfaction.

For quality assurance, our team is instructed to take before and after photos of your property, This helps us ensure the quality of our services and the management of your clean.

Our commitment to quality service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of our service, please contact our support team within 24 hours of your service date/time and provide photos for assessment. Refunds are not offered prior to accepting a re-clean. If we are unable to meet your expectations even after a re-clean, a full refund may be considered, subject to the circumstances. Re-visits are currently available on weekdays, except in exceptional situations due to limited availability.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Hourly Rates

Our cleaning teams prioritise quality over quantity, unless explicitly requested otherwise by the customer. Our satisfaction guarantee focuses on the quality of work performed rather than the number of areas covered, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We advise against booking Hourly Rate services for move-out cleaning due to potential underestimation of cleaning requirements. We cannot guarantee satisfaction for Hourly Rate services booked during move-outs.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Move Outs

Customers using our move-out services have up to 7 days to contact our support team for a review. If necessary, we will promptly offer a re-visit to be completed within 7 days of the initial service date.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Steam Cleaning

Our satisfaction guarantee for steam cleaning services is limited, except in exceptional circumstances. While our Steam Cleaners use advanced equipment to achieve the best results, there are limitations to removing permanent marks or stains. We perform steam cleaning to the best of our ability, but we may be unable to return if certain conditions persist.


Certain areas and tasks are excluded from our cleaning services, including:

  • Moving heavy/large furniture items
  • Grout cleaning of floors
  • Ceilings and areas between glass sheets on ovens
  • Rubbish removal
  • Human/animal waste removal
  • Stained silicone
  • Removal of adhesives including stickers, paint & other
  • Air conditioning filter cleaning
  • Fly wire screen removal
  • Curtains
  • Concrete stains
  • Cleaning of garages, outside areas including windows, gardens, pools, BBQs, and pest control services

Steam Cleaning Guidelines

For steam cleaning services, carpets must be vacuumed before the steam cleaner arrives. If steam cleaning is part of a checklist service, we will ensure vacuuming is done. Additional charges may apply if carpeted areas are not vacuumed prior to the service.


Please inform our office if you have pets, so we can assign a cleaning team without allergies or other animal-related issues. Ensure pets are either removed from the home during the service or kept in a safe area that does not require cleaning to avoid any disruptions.

If we are not advised of pet hair and considerate pet hair is found in the property, a pet hair removal fee of $50 may apply


Payment options include cash, card or payment link.

Card payments can be processed over the phone with our office, directly with the cleaner onsite or via payment link.

All payments must be completed before the cleaner leaves your property whether you are present or not.

If you require an invoice this will be issued to you after payment has been processed.

Fair Go Policy

Our Fair Go Policy applies to Flat Rate services. In cases where our estimates are incorrect, we will clean for up to one hour longer than estimated. For longer services, we will discuss options with you before proceeding and confirm any additional charges.


Parking must be provided for our cleaning teams. If public parking is unavailable or limited, please inform us. Additional charges may apply if parking is further than 100 meters from your property. For steam cleaning services, parking within 20 meters of the building is required.


A $50.00 cancellation fee applies for cancellations made before 5 pm the day prior to your appointment.

Cleaner Safety – Hot Weather

To ensure our teams’ safety during hot weather (35 degrees Celsius or above), please turn on your air conditioning if possible. If not, please contact our office to discuss alternative arrangements. Failure to provide a cool working environment may result in cancellation fees.


In the rare event of damage caused during our service, please contact us within 24 hours with photos. We will assess the situation and repair or replace damaged items as necessary, subject to our terms and conditions.


Our teams will wait for up to 15 minutes free of charge for access